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In our school we take security very serious, if we receive information about a possible threat to a child or a member of staff we report it to the police and make all staff aware of the situation.  We trust that the parents of our pupils will also contact the police if they see anything suspicious and report it to the school office.  This page intends on giving you all the information you will need to contact the police and what to do in certain situations.


If you see any adult that looks suspicious please report him/her to the school office, if we don't know who they are we will take action on it and ask them to leave and/or call the police.  It's always better to report this type of situation to us before calling the police just in case they are part of school staff or they are a parent.

If you find any illegal or harmful information, pictures, or videos on the internet please report them using the button above or the link below.  Lets stop terrorist & extremist material once and for all!


If you witness any violence on or around school grounds please contact the police using either 999 or 112.  We do not stand for any violence around the children and will remove anyone who is being violent from the grounds, parent or staff.  

If you ever need to inform the school of anything important that may be a risk to the children including your own, please don't hesitate to contact us.  You can contact us by using one of the methods below:

Ring us on : (01942) 255577

Email us on : schooloffice@hindleyallsaints.co.uk

Visit us at :Chapel Fields Lane, Hindley, Wigan, WN2 3QS

You can also use the form below to report anything to us.


Hindley All Saints thanks you for protecting our pupils and staff.


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