Hindley All Saints'

Church of England Nursery & Primary School

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Chapel Fields Lane, Hindley, Wigan, WN2 3QS

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Kitchen Academy


Hindley All Saints' was the first primary school in Wigan to take control of its own food and meal provision.

This is still an unusual and unique situation for a primary school.


It means we control the quality of our meals as well as organize and deliver a high specification service, catering for the whole of our community.


Working with staff and our school ambassadors, we have:


enabled children to make their meal choice each day

set up a 'family' meal time experience

removed the 'flight trays' and provided real plates

used better ingredients and make our own meals

invited parents to share a meal with their child

placed fruit, sweets and puddings where children can have free choic,

bought new tables and chairs which are more suitable and brighten the environment

run parent 'Master Chef' classes

used the kitchen academy facility with the children to make, bake and cook things.


It is our intention to develop our facilities further for the benefit of everyone.

Meals are still only £2.00 a day.


If you think you are entitled to free school meals check out this web site



Claiming free school meals enables school to get more money from the government too.